‘100% real indian’ restaurant

Classic Indian dishes executed with fine-dining mastery

Here at Sweet Mahal, we want you to feel special and experience a sense of Royalty in a relaxed ambience. Our top rated chefs use only the freshest ingredients, assuring you get the highest possible quality authentic Indian Cuisine.

Not only do we offer a very comprehensive menu, should you require a dish specially cooked to order, or have any special dietary requirements we would be happy to accommodate your request. If you like Indian food or if you haven’t had Indian food before then this is the place to go for. The food is cooked the way Indians would want to eat it. Authentic, tasty and flavored with true spices to come up with original and unique dishes that come from the street eateries of Indian. we are committed towards excellence by serving fresh Indian food at reasonable prices. We offer the best dining ambience for a memorable experience. We work hard in achieving our goals and make sure that these values shine through in every customer interaction. For over ten years our success has relied upon great value, delicious food, and a better hospitality. Our primary focus involves serving quality Indian dishes with warmth and an inviting atmosphere.